I'm Annie.
Graphic Designer / Illustrator / Runner /
The less complicated you make it, the more you'll draw me in.
looking at photos taken by talented friends. fitness shoot back from march, got a lil creepy
uh, snapchat of me ft. Burt’s Bees facewash (from like 3 weeks ago but w/e my arms are looking rather beastly and that piece of hair was cool)

between practice and work i actually put on makeup today.

"Savanimals" by Annie Tyner

My illustration teacher today urged us to share our work more with the world. So, here’s one of my more recent projects :)

A few laps before I collapsed from pulling/tearing something in my hip. #cool #gr8
such tired wow
Just like the only way to really know a place is to run through it, maybe the only way to really know someone is to run beside them…long enough to sweat off the pretense, long enough to get past small talk, long enough to get comfortable with silence, long enough to stink, long enough to know that the person running beside you is the someone you cannot run without.
by Kristin Armstrong, Girl Talk
dressing room selfless rule
HIII this is me after my first XC practice running with the team at 7am when its cold af and you have to sprint to class right after stretches, but hey it was fun so I am happy
i would like my color back, thank you winter