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The less complicated you make it, the more you'll draw me in.

ALLAIRE HEISIG - Sight Management

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Kesler Tran
“Slip Away”



Got tagged by the one and only & lovely p-a-r-s-n-i-p to post my top 6 fav selfies! I wouldn’t say these are my favorite/all “selflies” but I like em. (feat Owen, wassup)

I like seeing  y’alls pretty selves so to continue, I tag: turnthe threadtribe omicron knoxxe monsviator lalalauramae

annie! i really don’t want to do this. I love you…but i really don’t want to do this

i can always make one for you with all of the snaps I’ve saved x)


was just tagged by junips  to post my top 6 fav selfies. i love this i love looking at all of u pretty people let it continue!
** i tag devotionletmeeatthemacaroons, waaavy, cactusjacksonfive, jouissif, sigur-ast & quiantae !!

cutie patootie!


Sofia Boriosi


i wish it was socially acceptable to just say “hey hi I’m very interested in being your wife what are your thoughts”


Ana Beatriz Barros by Doug Inglish for Hercules FW 2010


wait for it

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The tragedy of trauma is that everyone tells us ‘well, at least you’re alive,’ as if we should be grateful that we must spend every day struggling to breathe. As if we should consider ourselves lucky. Surviving isn’t hard. Living is.
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